Another God

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Okay, I’m not good in English, but perhaps, it will be great if I write some posts in foreign language, especially English. So forgive for my bad grammar or what.


Complicated. That’s how I describing my life recently. Many things happened and flowed just like water in a river. Each of them carried happiness and suffers. But still, I be thankful of what I’ve got, either bad or good.

I learned that life is all about money. Yep, I didn’t mean to blame money for all of my happiness and suffers; but, still all the bad and good things that happened to me were controlled by money.

“I can take away someone’s happiness with money”

Sure, what can you do without money? How can you live without money?
Slowly but sure, every single thing in our life was already being ‘priced’. In those old days I could get a glass of ice tea without paying, but now there’s no more free ice tea, I’ve to pay 500rupiahs for each glass I drink.


“Nowadays, love isn’t as sincere as 80’s”

I’m pretty sure that this statement is true. There ain’t exist a sincerely love anymore. Before you love someone, and then date her/him and then become girlfriend/boyfriend, you have to check your financial condition. You still can love someone despite you don’t have money; but don’t ever think to ask them to be your sweetheart if you don’t have money.

C’mon, a well-established love need a lot of money. A man should have a car. A woman at least need a lot of beautiful dress, shirt, bikini and..whatever. As long as you have money, your lovely one won’t go anywhere. *not really sure, but I’ve seen many couples ended their relationship because of this*

It’s so ironic to see how the term of love is also changing by the time goes on. And now, I understand that love is just like any other things in this world, love is a dynamic thing. And guess what, it’s money which changing it.

Oh Money. I thought you’re just a 2×6 inch paper with painting and numbers on it’s surface.

So let’s pray:
“A New God in this mortal world. Money. Let me be your slave.”

—-Jakarta, August 1st, 2011–


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