Let’s Go Kamen Riders (2011): Movie Analysis

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Hello everyone, this my first movie analysis. Yep, I’m gonna analyze the absurdity in “Kamen Rider OOO, Den-O: Let’s Go Kamen Riders”. This movie was released in 2011, around April. I’ll not include the detail or synopsis of this movie, and probably to understand my analysis, you’d better watch the movie first. *just download it somewhere*

Actually, I feel like the movie is focusing on Den-O rather than Oz. The concept of time traveling and changing history (well, I never watch Den-O regularly, so I’m not get used with Den-O timetraveling concept) still be the main part of this story. And Toei probably want to mix this idea with Oz medal concept, the element of Kamen Rider Ichigo and Nigo also took a major part in this movie.

So, what kind of absurdity that I’m going to analyze? Yep, the time traveling and history changing concept. I’ll begin with it’s characters:

-Eiji (Original, Mirror1)
-Ankh (Original, Mirror1)
-Hina (Mirror1)
-Naoki (Original, Mirror1)
-Adult Naoki (Mirror1)
-Kotarou (Original, Mirror1)
-Teddie (Original, Mirror1)
-3 Imajin (Original, Mirror1)
-Shocker Army (Original, Mirror1, Mirror2)
-DenLiner (Original, Mirror1)
-Kamen Rider Scouts (Mirror1)
-Kamen Rider 1&2 (Mirror1, Mirror2)
-All Riders (Mirror1)
-Mitsuru etc (Mirror1)

                                                  ankh and eiji

I think that’s all the characters that participate in this movie. Original means the character that only exists on original timeline without getting any change (I’ll explain later); Mirror1 means the character that exists after the history changing (and probably second appearance); Mirror2 means the character that exists after the second time history changing.

Now, I’ll divide this movie into the timeline that they’ve been through:

1. April 2011
Exist: Original 3 Imajin, Original Ankh, Original Eiji, Original Kotarou, Original Den-Liner, Original Naoki.
Situation: Eiji fight Imajins, and it ran away into Naoki’s body to travel back in 1971, the Kotarou and Den-Liner appeared to travel back.
Absurdity: none

2. November 1971
Exist: Original 3 Imajin, Original Ankh, Original Eiji, Original Kotarou, Original Den-Liner, Original Shocker.
Situation: Kotarou beat 3 Imajin, while Ankh accidentally dropped a cell medal that was taken by Shocker.
Absurdity: the history begins to change after that.

3. April 2011 (Changed History, False one)
Exist: Original Eiji and Ankh, Original Kotarou and Den-Liner, Mirror1 Mitsuru and friends, Mirror1 Naoki, Mirror1 Adult Naoki, Mirror1 Hina, Mirror1 Shocker, Mirror1 Kamen Rider Ichigo-Nigo, Mirror1 All Riders, Situation: The history was changed, Shocker still exist and became the biggest evil corp. The part of the movie mostly took part in this timeline.
Absurdity: a lot, I’ll explain later

4. November 1971 (previous minute before timeline 2)
Exist: Original Ankh, Original Kotarou and Den-Liner, Mirror1 Eji-Ankh-Kotarou-DenLiner-3Imajins, Mirror2 Shocker, Mirror2 Kamen Rider Ichigo-Nigo, Mirror1 Mitsuru and Naoki, Mirror1 Kamen Rider Scouts.
Situation: they try to fix the past, but unfortunately it only led into a same-worst situation, the Shocker still be as strong as April 2011 2nd timeline. Mirror1 Naoki and Original Teddie stayed in this timeline.
Absurdity: basically this timeline want to show us, that Kotarou fail to fix the past and April 2011 2nd timeline remains the same.

It’s quite hard to understand my description, rite? Well, like I’ve been said, you’d better to watch the whole movie first before read my analysis. Now, I’m gonna move into the deeper analysis.

You’ve already got the idea of original and mirror characters right? The only original beings are Kotarou, it’s Denliner (including Momotarou, etc), Eiji, Ankh, and Naoki. Okay I begin with the analysis of the original characters. Eiji and Ankh have nothing to do with the absurdity, they remains the same until the end of the movie. The only problem I see is when they return into timeline 2 aka false April 2011. Eiji stays there, but Ankh’s following Kotarou to return to timeline 4. The problem is, though Kotarou, Ankh etc failed to fix the past, did the false April 2011 (which they got back there again) still the same timeline? Remember the first time they went to timeline 2 and dropped a cell medal, it’s twisted and changed the history: it changed timeline 1 into timeline 3 (false April 2011). And when they get back to 4, they also brought Mitsuru and Naoki of from timeline 3. This time (timeline 4) it’s not only the cell medal, but also Mirror1 Naoki (from timeline 3) and Original Teddie that stayed in timeline 4. The absurdity begins here.

“the single cell medal could changed timeline 1 and then created timeline 3”

And now it’s not only the cell medal but also Naoki and Teddie. In a logical way, the timeline 3 (false April 2011) should have changed into ‘imaginary’ timeline 5 (false false April 2011) as a result of what happened in timeline 4. But, the ending of this movie is quite absurd. Mirror1 Mitsuru is actually the son of Mirror1 Adult Naoki. Well, pretty strange isn’t it? Right in timeline 3 (False April) there’s exist 2 Naoki; Mirror1 Naoki, Mirror1 Adult Naoki. It doesn’t make sense for me. The existence of Mirror1 Naoki is understandable, since in timeline 1 (original April 2011) the original Naoki’s also exist.

The question goes to the existence of Mirror1 Adult Naoki and his son, Mirror1 Mitsuru. I assume that in timeline 1 (original April 2011), this two guys never exist; probably they were the characters that only exist after the history changing in timeline 2. Well, it’s explained in the late part of the movie that, Mirror1 Naoki trapped in timeline 4, became the Shocker scientist, got married with KR Scouts girl, have a son: Mitsuru. It will make sense if only Mirror1 Mitsuru exist on ‘imaginary’ timeline 5 (false false April 2011). Why? Let’s see, in timeline 2 (original November 1971) Naoki never exist (Naoki is only 10 years old boy in 2011, perhaps he’s born in circa late 1990’s to early 2000’s). So, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Mitsuru (Naoki’s son) to exist in timeline 3, since timeline 3 is correlation of timeline 2 (the only history changing that happened in timeline 2 was cell medal drops, not more than that). Either way, it’s also IMPOSSIBLE for Adult Naoki to exist in timeline 3. No logical way for Mirror1 Mitsuru to be son of Mirror1 Adult Naoki (this theory is came from original Naoki’s birthdate)

And I also found another absurdity, it’s in the early of the movie, when the Imajins traveled into Original Naoki’s body and went back to 1971 (timeline 2). How come the Original Naoki had the memory of 1971? Well it’s unanswerable question, perhaps.

                                               naoki and mitsuru

Then what kind of history changing rules that apply in this movie? I got some options here, just pick it up:

A. The existence of people in same era remains the same (let’s say that Hina exists in 1 and still exists in 3), it just the fate of them that changed (Hina didn’t recognize Eiji after history changing).

B. The existence of people in the same era is affected by what happen in the past. Ex: if Naoki’s parent got killed by Shocker as a result of history changing, Mirror1 Naoki won’t exist in 3.

C. Once history was changed it can’t be fixed or changed again. Ex: eventhough Kotarou success to prevent Shocker to get the cell medal in 4, when they return to 3, the situation is as bad as it was.

What about the emergence of all Kamen Rider? Well, it’s said that in timeline 3, only Kamen Rider Ichigo-Nigo that exist. The emergence of Riders probably just to make happy the fans. Not more than that.

Well, probably the options that I spoiled out will answer some question, like the rusty Teddie sword mode that stuck on the ground. Using the option A, we’ll know that Teddie’s fate in 4 had affected his fate in 3 (still stuck on the ground). The big big question still goes to the existence of Mirror1 Adult Naoki and Mirror1 Mitsuru. I got no clue about them.

It’s possible that during their (Original Kotarou-Denliner-Eiji-Ankh) way back to timeline 1 from timeline 2 (I don’t know how long it takes to travel back from past into original timeline, an hour perhaps?), something had happened in timeline 2 that they had just left. Yep (this is just my ‘illogical’ opinion), after they left timeline 2 without knowing that a cell medal had been dropped and may changes history, someone from future was came and tried to fix it. Let’s say that those ‘someone’ was Mirror2 Kotarou with Mirror2 Naoki (without Mitsuru brought along, in this case he’s yet to exist) and probably what happened next is the same as the timeline 4 did: Naoki and Teddie trapped, Naoki married, Teddie got stuck on the ground. Then after an hour of journey on original Den-Liner, Original Eiji and Ankh had arrived at timeline 1 that had changed into timeline 3 to as a result of history changing that had happened in timeline 2. In this case, 2 history changing was already happened in timeline 2; it’s not only involved Original Kotarou-Eiji-Ankh-Denliner (dropped cell medals) but also Mirror2 Kotarou and Mirror2 Naoki (fixing the past just like timeline 4), and that’ll give you the timeline 3. This kind of assumption will make the existance of Mirror1 Adult Naoki and Mirror1 Mitsuru become acceptable.

It’s important to notice that: “The first moment history changing happened was, when Ankh dropped his cell medal”

Then what the reason that bring Mirror2 Kotarou went back to timeline 2? If his reason was to fix his timeline/history, how could he knew that every problem started in 1971? Did he share the same experience that Original Kotarou had, knowing that it’s Ankh’s fault?
Well it’s the same problem that Dragon Ball has. Especially when the 3-chapters manga of “Bardock’s Story”  was published in 2011. It ruined the logic of Dragon Ball time travel concept that had been told circa Future Trunks’ Saga. The inconsistency of time travel concept may lead into an illogical way of thinking. In this Kamen Rider movie, I think it’ll make sense if only Naoki wasn’t Mitsuru father.

That’s all I can write about absurdity of this movie, sorry for the mistakes and some bad grammar. Actually I’m very excited to write this analysis and hope you can understand my explanation above.


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